7 Best Light Bulb Camera (Reviewed 2022) (2023)

What is this newfangled secret security device that brightens up a room and records at the same time?

Everything starts with an idea. Light bulbs cams are the answer to the need for hidden cameras. The ability to secretly spy on your home and property offers an extra layer of safety and security.

It tends to get confusing when combing through the options for an LED light camera. Light bulbs come in different shapes and sizes. So do light bulb cameras.

The possibilities range fromsmallerdesignsto full-on lamps, so it depends on exactly what you need.

We are breaking down the top five best light bulb security camera choicesso you can start figuring out what is best for you and your family. You do not want to invest in something you do not want or need.

Why Light Bulb Surveillance Camera?

The crazy amount of light bulb cameras on the market is in response to the demand to beef up security systems in a discreet way. But, more than that, it is to meet a specificneed for a fully camouflaged variety of cam.

Ideally, an LED light camera and a regular old light bulb put off a good amount of light. The two-purpose solution amps up security options when monitoring for potentialperpetrators, even remotely. (1)

Getting rid of larger, more obvious options like CCTV cameras is also a more streamlined way to approach home protection.

  • Tip— Light bulb cameras do not operate using a DVR or NVR like the average security cam. In order to get alerts, you must use a phone app.

4 Need-to-Know Facets to Think About

We understand the “why” when it comes to light bulb security cameras, but the “how” to choose the right one for you is still a hanging question. Before you install, connect, and monitor, let’s cover what to look for that best suits your needs.

  1. Features— The hidden part of a light bulb camera is a given because it acts as a regular source of light. But, how conspicuous does it need to be? Do you need video and audio? And, the field of few is something to consider, because of the various options out there.
    • Keep reading: The massive amount of features and the questions about them are on their way.
  2. Compatibility— WiFi connections are a huge factor to consider when choosing the right light bulb security. Without the proper network compatibility, mobile access, and alerts while away are impossible.
  3. Mobility— Do you monitor streaming videofrom an iPhone? Android? A PC? You will want a dual light source and security system that works with how you control your camera systems.
    • Helpful Hint: Do a little research about which phone app and cam work best for you because they are essential when it comes to active monitoring and getting alerts.
  4. Indoor/Outdoor— Is the added camera to watch the yard or the new addition to the family? Weatherproofing is a requirement when using an outside fixture, while it is not so crucial in a lamp or indoor wall socket.

6 Probably-Should-Know Features to Fit Your Budget

Most household budgets are tight and do not leave a lot of wiggle room for expenses. Light bulb cameras come with a wide range of price tags. Unless you need specific features, why pay more than you should?

(Video) Best Light Bulb Security Cameras For outdoor 2022 ✅ TOP 5

  1. Built-In Speaker and Microphone— Communication through a security camera is not a requirement for everyone. It is dependent on what its purpose is. Do you want to say hi to the kids after school or soothe a weather-scared pet?
  2. Inside/Outside— Indoor light bulb cameras are not as durable as outdoor; thus they cost a bit more. Outdoor eyes require protection from the rain and sun, so they never fail to capture a moment of motion.
  3. Installation— Lighting security options are diverse. The possibilities range from wall installation to no installation at all. It comes down to the price and what you arewilling to do get it up and running. — Remember, there is no need to drill into your walls because they are wireless by nature.
  4. MicroSD Size— Light bulb cameras do notreally use large storage devices like DVR’s or even the cloud. They use MicroSD cards and come in different sizes. It alldepends on how often you can view and delete footage when choosing the right amount of memory.
  5. Motion Detection— When looking at WiFi light bulb security cameras, it is imperative to look for those with motion detector sensors. A variety of alerts are available, depending on what you want. Another thing that varies about motion detectors is their sensitivity levels. You may want to read more about how do motion sensors work.
  6. Video Quality— Resolution choices run the gamut from 729p to 4K. It is best to seek out the best quality you can afford, but not more than you actually need.

3 User-Friendly Tips

  1. Eyes in High Places— A must-do when installing anilluminating camera is making sure it is high up,so it does not miss a single moment of motion. It also reduces the threat of an intruder just reaching and screwing it out.
  2. More than One— One light bulb camera is not quite enough to get all-around security. For instance, if you have a large yard, a porch light is not going to cut it. Adding corner cams avoids missing an inch of coverage.
  3. Off and On— The typical glowing camera detects motion and sees through the darkness when turned off. You can save energy by remembering to turn it off when sleeping or when you are not at home. It will still workits magic when detecting motion and recording.


What is the difference between a fisheye and a wide-angle lens?

A fisheye lens gives a full 180 or 360 degree angled view of anentire room. When youzoom using this kind of lens, youreduce the image quality by a lot.
Awide-angle lensgives a singular view and clarity to background and foreground details in one frame. While zooming using one of these, the quality goes down by a bit, but not as much as with a fisheye lens. (2)

Ultimately, the choice of lens type is up to you and your personal needs. They both have their positives and negatives.

What is a fisheye view in a security camera?

Thefisheye viewing angleprovides a 180° and 360° field of view. The field ofview is suitable for smaller areas and short distances. You will find the majority of systems using this sort of lens is WiFi capable. (3)

The center of the images captured by a fisheye lensis clear while it has a barreled look around the edges.

Do hidden light bulb security cameras need WiFi?

The simple answer is yes.

But, not for storage purposes because they store information on a small MicroSD card.

The WiFi part of an LED light camera allows a user to control the light, stream the video, and get alerts when motion detectors get activated. Without WiFi, a light bulb camera is nearly useless.

How to tell if a light bulb is a camera?

Light bulb cams are only one type of hidden camera. The ways you canprotect your privacyagainstthem vary depending on the brand and model.

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First, some are merely bulbs, while others blend into room decoration like a lamp. If something seems off about the shape or size, turning off a light switch or unscrewing it will turn the cameraoff.

Secondly, specific brand names scream security systems. If a brand name stamp is on the bulb or device, it is a giveaway that it is likely recording you.

And, sometimes a flashlight in the dark will give away a reflective camera lens, but fighting light with light might not be altogether effective.

How good is a light bulb camera?

A light bulb camera is only as good as the need it fills. It may requiremultiple bulbs to cover an area fully, but for the purposes of pet or baby monitoring, one will do the job.
Stable electricity is a requirement because, without it, an LED light cam will not work. After all, it does not have abattery. It relies wholly on electric power.

A WiFi light bulb securityneeds a good, reliable internet connection. It becomes near useless without a network.
But, for a hidden, panoramic view of specific zones with stable connections, it is nearly perfect for its purposes.
So, there are quite a few deciding factors as to if it is a “good” option for security.

How does the light bulb camera work?

Wireless light bulb cams are not complicated. You screw them into a light or wall socket to getaccess to the electricity they need. You then network it with your WiFi and smartphone. Once you download the app and power everything on, it is ready to go.

Light bulb cameras are really as easy as a regular light bulb to use.

Do LED bulb cameras have batteries?

A light bulb cameraworks by usingelectricity. The lack of battery storage means that if the lights go out, they will not illuminate a room or record video.

When the electricity comes back on, the bulb should reset and reconnect to your WiFi automatically.

But, they need a constant supply of power to work their magic. They do not usebatteries or any sort of power storage.

Where are the best spots for me to install a bulb with a camera?

Unless there is full coverage, home security systems are not living up to theirresponsibilities. Firstly, more than one fluorescent-capable camera is best for complete protection if they are all you are using.

The spaces needing the closest watch are the prime spots to install a light bulb camera. The front door, back door, living room, and nursery are the most popular choices to develop the feeling of safety completely.

Place them high up to eliminate the threat of someone removing them. In any case, strive for placements that are easy to camouflage.


What is the lifespan of a light bulb camera?

The LED lighting allows for long, long life when it comes to a light bulb camera. But, the bulb itself still requires attention to continuefunctioning.

A stable electricity grid, turning it off when not in use, and weather protectionwill help the secret camera last a good long while.

How do I hook up the light source to the WiFi connection?

Taking time to read the manual for a light bulb camera goes a long way. It will explain howto connect it to your WiFi and phone.

But, the general gist is -You will want to make sure that you download your LED light camera’s approved smart device app. Once installed, the connection should be easy peasy.

Generally, after making the first connection, resetting the camera will network it to the device. The setup happens from the smart device, including customizing the features and the ability to use it as a remote to control recording and lighting.

Well, can I connect more than one bulb to my phone?

You can, but you can’t. Are they all the same brand of bulb? Then, yes, if you connect them one by one, the cams will work together to provide fuller coverage and protection.

Stick to the same type of bulb and use the same app, and all should turn out well.Who has the battery power to deal with multiple apps to connect to security devices?

What about connecting one to my computer?

For the most part, all light bulb cameras connect to iPhones and Androids. But, you might need to do a little research and consider different brands to make sure they are Mac or Windows capable so you can stream from your computer.

With that said, PC connections work like smartphones. You download an app or program that is compatiblewith your light bulb camera.

(Video) 4 Best Light bulb security cameras for outdoor in 2022

Will my camera still work when I turn the light off?

Two hard connections are present with light bulb security systems — electricity to the outlet that then connects to the bulb. You can turn the light off, and the night vision will pick up the detection. In the same regard, you can turn off the camera and still have light.

Tip: But, you do not have to deal with wires. They are entirely wireless.
Of course, when electricity isn’t coursing through the LED light, it will not shine, andthe camera will not work, either.

It is one of the reasons why light bulb cameras are so effective.

Can I use indoor bulbs for outdoor use, too?

One of the characteristics of bulb cameras is that when they are for indoor use, they are only suitable for inside. The lack of waterproofing makes itrisky for useoutside.

Sure, a little modification could make it more element-friendly, but it still means it could destroy the security device.

But, buying a specialized outdoor light camera is the best plan for monitoring your yard or front door.

Can I hear audio with my LED light camera?

Microphones are a typical feature of light bulb cameras. It allows you to hear what is happening in the room where there is a device. The best sort has the two-way capability and works like an intercom.It is why they make a uniquely great baby and pet monitors. Your voice goes a long way.

It is also super helpful for when you’re at work or out of town. You will never be out of the loop of what is happening inside your home.

Will my light bulb camera record things in the dark?

It depends on the bulb and its features. You will have to find one that detects motion and has night vision. When activated, you will get an alert that something is happening, and it records the activity.

The recording will be in black and white. But, not all security devices can see in the dark or notice movement. It comes down to research and asking questions about specific features.

(Video) 5 Best Light Bulb Security Camera For Outdoor 2022

(1) perpetrators – https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/19/smarter-living/wirecutter/smart-lights-enhance-home-security-and-shine-a-light-on-crime.html
(2) wide-angle lens – https://www.forbes.com/sites/geoffreymorrison/2018/05/27/fisheye-or-wide-angle-lens-for-travel/#74915b1823e8
(3) fisheye viewing angle – http://cctvcamerafactory.com/blog/why-wide-angle-wifi-cameras-are-better-than-pan-tilt-or-fisheye-cctv-cameras/
(4) protect your privacy – https://www.safety.com/airbnb-hidden-cameras/


What is the best light bulb camera on the market? ›

TONSAN Light Bulb Camera – Best Overall

The TONSAN Light Bulb Camera is the perfect device if you're looking for 24/7 surveillance. This bulb doesn't require any special installation — simply fix it inside the E27 bulb base and it's ready to start recording.

Are light bulb security cameras any good? ›

The 360-degree coverage combined with 1080P resolution in each of these is excellent for security purposes. If you're looking for a simple and affordable way to improve your home security, you might consider investing in a light bulb camera.

Is the Keilini light bulb security camera any good? ›

At night, the Keilini Light Bulb Security Camera automatically turns on FULL-COLOR NIGHT VISION. The quality is outstanding and superior to infrared night visions and allows the transmission of high-quality video recordings back to the connected device.

Who makes the light bulb security camera? ›

United Pioneers' Light Bulb Security Camera,1080P Full HD/3MP/360° Security Camera System,Wireless Home Surveillance Camera,Two Way Audio,Night Vision,Smart Motion Detection, Standard (E26/E27)

Do light bulb cameras work when the light is off? ›

The camera is fully powered within the light bulb socket, so it won't ever need batteries. Even when the light switch is off, there's enough voltage coming from the light bulb socket to provide power to the camera.

Do light bulb cameras require a subscription? ›

You'll get 24 hours access to recorded video for free, but no motion detection alerts. This means the functionality is quite limited without a subscription.

What is the price of bulb camera? ›

Bulb CCTV Camera At Best Price at Rs 4500 | CCTV Camera in Delhi | ID: 20613054512.

How do you tell if a light bulb is a camera? ›

Turn the light off, then hold your phone up to the bulb and see if you notice anything inside reflecting back. This could indicate there's a camera lens inside. Still another indicator is a buzzing sound.

How does the light bulb security camera work? ›

MOTION DETECTION -- Bulb Camera Outdoor 360 Degree Camera Bulb Camera System adopts high sensitivity motion sensor, connect the camera to WIFI, when it detects a moving object, it will record the motion picture and notify you through APP.

Where is Keilini security camera made? ›

Wondering about the quality of the Keilini security camera is therefore quite understandable. Although it is an electrical device from the USA, you do not have to worry about plugs with this product. This product features an E27 bulb socket.

What to do if CCTV camera is not working? ›

How do you troubleshoot a security camera?
  1. Know your login details.
  2. Check the power source (most cameras are PoE)
  3. Check to see if cameras work from inside or outside the network.
  4. Check the cabling.
  5. Reboot the system.
  6. Check for IP conflict.
  7. Check ARP tables.
  8. Update software & firmware.
16 Feb 2021

How are bulbs made? ›

To make the shell, the raw materials for glass – sand, soda ash and limestone – are mixed and heated. The molten glass is carried along a conveyor belt and air nozzles blow the glass through holes in the belt into moulds creating the shape of the shell. Such a machine can produce more than 50,000 bulbs each hour!

Does bulb camera have night vision? ›

【Pixel & night vision】- The bulb camera's pixel is up to 1080P, and the night vision use the latest dual light source technology. It show infrared night vision if nobody .

Is there a security camera that screws into light socket? ›

Zeus is the biometric indoor security camera designed to screw into a light socket for easy and no-fuss installation. You'll never miss a moment with Zeus 360-degree auto-tracking that can detect moving objects to eliminate blind spots and the need for multiple cameras.

Does the light socket security camera record? ›

All videos can be saved to Micro SD card (Not included) or Cloud storage. You can set up with 24/7 continuous recording, it will automatically be saved so you can review them anytime. The light bulb security camera supports multiple users to access surveillance content at the same time.

› Home Security ›

"One of the main factors that make the Sonew model the best security option is its HD Night Vision technology with multiple filters." Best High Defini...
Looking for an easy-to-install and discreet security camera for your home? We review the best light bulb security cameras available!

Is there a security camera that screws into light socket? ›

Zeus is the biometric indoor security camera designed to screw into a light socket for easy and no-fuss installation. You'll never miss a moment with Zeus 360-degree auto-tracking that can detect moving objects to eliminate blind spots and the need for multiple cameras.

Does the light socket security camera record? ›

All videos can be saved to Micro SD card (Not included) or Cloud storage. You can set up with 24/7 continuous recording, it will automatically be saved so you can review them anytime. The light bulb security camera supports multiple users to access surveillance content at the same time.

Do smart bulbs have cameras? ›

Smart light bulbs cannot spy on you however they can be hacked. They have no cameras nor audio recording equipment.


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