ISC2 OnVUE exam information // Pearson VUE (2023)


How do I know if I passed my Pearson VUE exam? ›

Candidates who attempt a certification exam with Pearson VUE will receive a score report upon completion of the exam. To view the score report, please log into Pearson VUE and click “View Score Reports” under My Account. Passing scores are set using statistical analysis and are subject to change.

What are the issues with OnVUE? ›

Common issues include an unreliable internet connection and third-party applications trying to run during your exam. We strongly recommend that candidates confirm that all applications have been closed and that there is a sufficient and reliable internet connection prior to testing.

What is the passing score for ISC2 CC exam? ›

You will have two hours to complete your exam. A passing score is 700 out of 1000 points.

How do I check my OnVUE exam? ›

To check in for your exam, log in to your account no earlier than 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Once logged in, you should see the Check-in button. If it's not visible within 15 minutes of your exam appointment time, contact your program-specific customer service team via chat.

What is passing score for Pearson VUE? ›

Any score of 700 or greater is a "pass." Any score below 700 is a "fail." (Exams scaled from 1 to 100 with passing score scaled to 70.) The actual number of items you need to answer correctly in order to pass is determined by a group of subject matter experts in conjunction with a psychometrician.

How long does it take to get test results back from Pearson VUE? ›

Candidates should log into their Pearson VUE account to see if test results are available. Results can take up to 2-3 days to be posted to your Pearson VUE account.

How trustworthy is the Pearson VUE trick? ›

The Pearson NCLEX Trick (PVT) is not 100% accurate.

Keep in mind, although you may be given correct information, the Pearson NCLEX trick is not an official or uncontested result. Official results come from the state board of nursing after the NCLEX is scored and results are reported.

What happens if you are caught cheating Pearson VUE? ›

If you do not follow the online proctored policies or are suspected of cheating or tampering with Pearson VUE's or its subcontractor's software, or if a third party is detected in the physical room where you are seated during the exam, the exam will be immediately terminated.

Can Pearson VUE detect cheating? ›

Pearson VUE also offers a range of infringement monitoring services designed to help detect, analyse and respond to unauthorised distribution of your exam content by brain dumpers and test prep organisations.

How many times can you fail CISSP? ›

" What if I fail the exam? "

According to the retake policy on the (ISC)² website, if you fail, you can take the test again after 30 days, and if you fail again, you must wait 90 days (then 180 days), but you cannot take the exam more than three times in a 12-month period.

How many times can you retake CISSP? ›

You can sit for (ISC)² exams up to three times within a 12-month period. For the CISSP-CAT, CISSP, SSCP, CAP, CSSLP, ISSAP, ISSEP and ISSMP: If you don't pass the exam the first time, you can retest after 30 days. If you don't pass a second time, you can retest after an additional 90 days.

What percentage do you need to pass CISSP? ›

The ISC2 CISSP exam comprising 100-150 questions needs to be completed in three hours. The passing score is 70% (700 out of 1000 points).

Can Onvue detect a second monitor? ›

You cannot use two monitors during an exam through the online proctored system. However, as long as you can hook up your laptop to the larger monitor and keep the laptop lid closed and position the webcam above the external monitor, it should be just fine. You can only use one monitor during the exam.

Can proctored exams detect phones? ›

Can proctored exams detect phones? AI-based proctoring software can detect extra devices such as phones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. It monitors the examination process in real time and flags any suspicious noises and activities in the testing area.

How do I get my Pearson VUE exam scores? ›

To access your Pearson VUE score report:
  1. Sign into your Microsoft Learn profile. ...
  2. Scroll to the section titled “Past exams” and find the exam for which you'd like to view results. ...
  3. In Pearson VUE, locate the exam for which you wish to view the score report, then select the “View” button.
Sep 14, 2022

What happens if I fail a Pearson VUE exam? ›

If a candidate does not achieve a passing score the second time, the candidate must wait five days (120 hours) before retaking the exam a third time. A five-day waiting period will be imposed for each subsequent exam retake. There is no annual limit on the number of attempts on the same exam.

Is 70 a passing test score? ›

C is anywhere between 70% and 79% D - this is still a passing grade, and it's between 59% and 69% F - this is a failing grade.

Are the quick results on Pearson VUE accurate? ›

The NCLEX Quick Results/Pearson Vue Quick Results are believed to be 100% accurate. However, the quick results are computer-generated and unofficial. Official results are released by the state board of nursing, not the NCLEX Quick Results Service.

What does raw score mean on Pearson VUE? ›

Again, the raw score simply represents the number of items answered correctly out of the number of items on a test. Now, it is appropriate to weight the items on tests you give at home.

What is the dress code for Pearson VUE? ›

Dress Code: All candidates scheduled for a practical exam will be required to dress appropriately (business casual attire is recommended) – no hats, ripped jeans, tanks or halter tops, shorts, and skirts must be to the knee or below.

Is Saturday a business day for Pearson VUE? ›

Our business days are Monday – Friday.

Does Pearson VUE track eye? ›

During those mentally draining tests, software such as Pearson VUE and Honorlock track a test taker's eye movements and sobbing, according to a TikTok user. Josef Fruehwald, a University of Kentucky professor, said he wouldn't trust professors relying on tracking software.

Is 75 questions on NCLEX good? ›

How many questions on the NCLEX do you need to get right to pass? You must get at least 75 questions correct, or achieve a 95% confidence level, to pass the NCLEX.

What does it mean if you get all 145 questions on NCLEX? ›

Answering all 145 questions on the NCLEX-RN alone does not mean you failed the exam. However, with each correct answer you provide, the test should give you a question that becomes increasingly more difficult than the previous one.

Does Pearson VUE trick work right after exam? ›

How soon after NCLEX does the Pearson VUE trick work? Pearson Vue trick can work after four hours of the exam. You need to log in and try submitting a fee if windows pop up saying you are not eligible for it, so maybe assume that you've passed!

Does the Pearson VUE trick always work? ›

Does the Pearson Vue NCLEX Trick Work? The NCLEX trick is not 100% accurate. Some students have reported getting “a bad pop-up” when they passed and getting “the good pop-up” when they failed.

Does cheating stay on your record? ›

While cheating itself might not be noted on your academic record, the consequences of cheating can follow you around for the rest of your life. For example, if you're expelled from a university, you may not be able to get accepted to another university. An expulsion can also show up on future background checks.

What can professors see on Pearson? ›

The Data tab of Pearson Realize provides class and student data, including mastery, overall progress and time on task. Teachers can also view data for individual students in the class mastery by standards report, progress report, and usage report.

Can professors tell if you cheat on an online exam? ›

The short answer is yes. Online exams can detect cheating. Authentication procedures, web monitoring, data forensics, and proctoring (just to name a few) make it hard for examinees to get away with cheating.

Can Pearson see when you leave the tab? ›

He can't see your another tab.

How can I check to see if I passed the Nclex? ›

Official results are ONLY available through your NRB and will be sent to you approximately six weeks after the exam. Do NOT call NCSBN, Pearson VUE NCLEX Candidate Services or the test center for results.

How do I find out when I passed my exam? ›

The pass rate of a test is P = (p ÷ t) × 100, where P is the pass rate, p is the number of students who passed the test, and t is the total number of students who passed the test.

How do I check my Pearson test? ›

Enter your Test Identification Number (TIN) in the space below to obtain your Versant score report.
  1. Browse the catalogue.
  2. Primary.
  3. Secondary.
  4. General English.
  5. Pearson English Portal.
  6. MyEnglishLab.

What is the bad pop-up for Pearson VUE trick? ›

Generally, a bad pop-up happens when you try to process a new NCLEX registration, and the payment goes through. This indicates that the first NCLEX attempt resulted in a failing grade and that a retest is necessary.

How accurate is Pearson VUE trick? ›

Is Pearson Vue trick accurate? No, the Pearson Vue Trick is not 100% accurate. It is just a method created to help test-takers know about their result before the official results.

What is good pop-up Pearson VUE trick? ›

The Pearson Vue NCLEX good pop-up is when you receive an alert like this “Our records indicate you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time” when you're trying to pay for your NCLEX after taking the exam. It shows that you probably passed the NCLEX.

Can you tell me how do you pass exam without studying? ›

12 Study Hacks to pass exams without studying
  • Find the right workplace.
  • Make the most use of your time.
  • Assemble your requirements properly to avoid distractions.
  • Compile all your notes.
  • Avoid cramming for long hours. Take breaks!
  • Prioritize and work accordingly.
  • Talk to someone around you.
  • Plan as per your requirement.

How many questions can I miss on a 150 question test to get a 70? ›

Answer and Explanation: Considering that all 150 questions carry equal marks, we will need to follow the same logic as we followed in the example above. Let's say you could answer x of them correctly, so to get 70% you can write it as follows... So, you need to get at least 105 of them correctly answered to get 70% .

How many questions can you miss on a 50 question test to get 80? ›

With 50 questions each question is worth 2 points each. To get an 80 at 2 points per correct question then 40 questions were answered correctly.

Does Pearson record you when taking a test? ›

PPCs and many of Pearson's authorised partner centres use digital video surveillance to monitor and record any misconduct during the testing process.

Do you need a webcam for OnVUE? ›

To take your exam online, you'll need a computer* equipped with a webcam and a strong internet connection. About one week before you'd like to take your exam, run a system test, which you'll find on your program's online testing page.

Where can I locate my score report for my OnVUE exam? ›

Please Sign In. Enter your username and password. Under the "My Account" heading, click on View Score Reports. All of your completed exams will be listed.

Are Pearson VUE unofficial results accurate? ›

1. Are NCLEX Quick Results Accurate? The NCLEX Quick Results/Pearson Vue Quick Results are believed to be 100% accurate. However, the quick results are computer-generated and unofficial.

Is scaled score higher than raw score? ›

A scaled score is a representation of the total number of correct answers (also known as raw scores) a candidate has provided that has been converted onto a consistent and standardized scale. Scaled scores indicate the same level of performance, regardless of which form a candidate has received.


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