Security Camera Manufacturers with Country of Origin (2023)

Are any security cameras made in Europe?

Many non Chinese security cameras reveal themselves to be from Europe as shown by the large list above. Two exceedinglypopular European security camera brandsfound in Europe, Germany specifically, are Bosch and Mobotix.

Funny enough, whereas many security camera brands choose China to manufacture their devices, Bosch chooses the United States to produce their devices. Specifically, in North Carolina, Bosch has been responsible for some of the most effective American made security cameras on the market. The company is not shy about it either, also manufacturing its products in Europe and elsewhere in North America.

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Mobotix has taken a different route as a more exclusive example to Europe and Germany. Responsible for some of the most advanced non Chinese security cameras in the world, Mobotix produces much of its IP camera brand within its home country of Germany. Not only that, but through Germany alone, the company has thrived to be one of the most popular and successful security camera brands in the world.

Are all security cameras made in China?

No, but most security cameras and related products aremade in China manufacture. The reasoning behind such a global shift is actually simple, despite the fervor by most against it. China has built itself into a global trade network, either effectively mining materials or trading those that they do not have to produce at a much cheaper rate due to how their economy works. While American made security cameras are by far more advanced and reliable, Chinese devices are simply easier to acquire while being cheaper to make and purchase. Fortunately, as of 2020, the United States is seeing a boost in manufacturing through the planning of multiple factories throughout the different states like Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and California. Furthermore, other parts of Asia like Taiwan and South Korea are well known for their non Chinese security cameras.

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Security camera brands from elsewhere in Asia?

There are several excellent options for those looking forAsian security camerasbut are looking specifically for non Chinese security camera brands. While the region is made up of several sophisticated countries that develop the most popular products worldwide, only three countries aside from China have risen to an excellent standard concerning security cameras. These countries are:

  1. Japan
  2. Taiwan
  3. South Korea

Each country features some of the most capable non Chinese security cameras on the market, with brands including ACTi, Geovision, Hanwha Techwin, and Panasonic, among several others. These manufacturers are well known not just as examples of IP camera brands, but also for other related products as well. Furthermore, these security camera brands often are regularly featured in the top ten most used surveillance products in the world. For example, Hanwha Techwin has earned the second most popular slot in the United States, as will be displayed below.

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Who is the best security camera brand?

According to statistical analysis and multiple studies conducted throughout the security industry, the three most popular brands of security cameras at the start of 2022 are different depending on where you live. This differs specifically through most popular security camera brands worldwide, in the United States, and in Western Europe. For starters, the most popular security camera brands worldwide as of 2022 are:

  1. Axis
  2. Dahua
  3. Hikvision

However, only one of these options shows up in the top three security camera brands popularized throughout the United States. Sharing one brand with the worldwide ranking, the top three security camera brands in the United States are:

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  1. Axis
  2. Hanwha Techwin
  3. Hikvision

Western Europe, similarly, features Hikvision as one of the top three security camera brands used throughout the region. However, they differ in their third place with the top three from Western Europe including:

  1. Axis
  2. Hikvision
  3. Bosch

It is no wonder why that in the top three worldwide, Axis and Hikvision are regular contenders for the top slot. Regardless of who you choose, these companies, those shown in each countdown, and all of the manufacturers we display are constantly advancing their products for the public. This turns out excellently for you, with A1 Security Cameras offering the most up-to-date and sophisticated security cameras from the best security camera brands on the market.

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