VIVO X60S not charging (5 Ways to Fix) (2023)

If your VIVO X60S is not charging, in this post you will learn five ways to solve this problem, so read and follow all the indicated steps.

VIVO X60S not charging

Not being able to charge the VIVO X60S is a big problem because it will leave us with a useless phone, so we must try to solve it as soon as possible, before having to take it to the technical service. First try rebooting the VIVO X60S, if that doesn’t work, then try another charger or cable. Keep reading for more solutions.

Why is my VIVO X60S not charging?

If your VIVO X60S suddenly does not charge it may be due to the following causes:
– The charger cable or adapter is broken or damaged.
– The USB port is dirty or damaged.
– The failure may be due to the battery of the VIVO X60S.
– It may be a hardware problem.
– Or it may be a software failure.

1. Restart the VIVO X60S

First of all try turning the VIVO X60S off and on. Often, the reason your VIVO X60S won’t charge when plugged in is that there has been a simple connection mishap. To rule out that the cause is a temporary glitch, the first thing you should do is restart the VIVO X60S.

Restarting the VIVO X60S clears all background services and may fix the phone’s charging problem. A reboot also refreshes the main components of your VIVO X60S in case one of them has crashed while performing a task. To perform a quick reset, simply press and hold the power button and tap the Reset option.

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If your VIVO X60S starts charging normally again after a reboot, then your problem is solved.

2. Clean the charging port of the VIVO X60S

A very simple and maybe absurd solution, but it is something that works very well in these cases. The charging port of the VIVO X60S is a hole where you can introduce dirt or any kind of lint that we have in our pocket, bag, backpack. That dirt is something that can be generating problems when we put the VIVO X60S to charge, as it prevents it from charging properly, or even prevents the VIVO X60S from charging when we connect it.

The first thing we can do in this case is to blow on the charging port vigorously (of course, we must avoid any spit to escape). In many cases it is some dirt that has crept in that prevents the VIVO X60S from charging, so if that dirt disappears, the VIVO X60S can be charged normally again.

Another option we can resort to in this regard is to use an ear swab to clean any dirt that is stuck to the charging ports. This way we can ensure that the charging port is completely clean. Important to keep in mind, is that we should not use chopsticks or other sharp elements, as we can cause a problem in this charging port of the VIVO X60S. So avoid using this type of objects to clean this charging port of our VIVO X60S phone.

3. Check the charger

When asked why my VIVO X60S won’t charge, it is important to consider whether the charger you are using is working. It could be that the real cause of the VIVO X60S not charging is that the charger has stopped working. It is not usual for a charger to stop working, unless there is real damage to it, but I’m sure it has happened to many of you, that the charger you have does not work. So it could be a cause.
What we can do is connect that charger to another device, which will then allow us to see if it works or not. If that other device charges, then we already know that the charger is working and that it is not the source of this problem. If on this other device the charger does not work either, we can then determine that it is the charger that is the cause of this problem on the VIVO X60S. So we will have to purchase or use a different charger with our VIVO X60S.

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4. Check the charging cable

Not only the charger can be partly to blame in this case, as we also have to take into account that charging cable. Not all charging cables work in the same way, as there are some cables that can be used for example in data transfer between mobile and computer, but cannot be used for charging. This is because they are not powerful enough, for example.

It could be that we are using a cable that is not suitable for charging our VIVO X60S. Since it is a cable that is really intended for data transfer, so it does not have that power that is needed to use it for charging. This can be especially the case if we are using a cable that did not come with our VIVO X60S as standard, but is a cable that we have purchased, for example.

The best thing to do in these cases is to use the official cable, the one that the manufacturer put with the VIVO X60S and that came in its box. Since this type of cable is something that can be used both to transfer files and to charge the VIVO X60S. This cable will not give you any problems, if it works well, so you will surely be able to charge your VIVO X60S.

5. Perform a factory reset of the VIVO X60S

If none of the above has worked for you, all that’s left is to restore the VIVO X60S from factory. Before doing so, remember to force a backup so as not to lose system and application information.
Then just go to «Settings» and type «factory» or «restore» in the search box. You will find it quickly. You can also browse «System», «Recovery options» and «Erase all data». Note that the names vary.

This will return your VIVO X60S to its origins; it’s as if you just took it out of the box the day you bought it. After this, keep your fingers crossed because you should stop saying «my VIVO X60S won’t charge». If not, you have no choice but to go to the Service Center.

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My VIVO X60S won’t charge or turn on

If your VIVO X60S has suddenly stopped charging, the most likely problem is the charger. Misuse, the passage of time or a mishap with the elements that make up the charger (cable and adapter) can damage them and cause the VIVO X60Sl to stop charging. So the first thing you have to do is to take another charger and try to charge your VIVO X60S.

If your VIVO X60S starts charging you know what the problem is. You will have to buy a new charger or you can see if only one of the two components fails and buy a cable or adapter individually. But we advise you to buy an official charger of the brand and if it is for the same model as your VIVO X60S much better. Sometimes unofficial chargers can cause damage to phones. Although this is not very common it is better to be cautious.

My VIVO X60S says it is charging but does not charge

When your VIVO X60S indicates that it is charging but, in reality, it does not, the first thing you should check is that both the cable and the charger adapter are in good condition. If so, you should check the charging connector of your VIVO X60S.

It is very common that, with the passage of time, these connectors are damaged or move from the site and this causes the VIVO X60S does not charge as it should.

My VIVO X60S does not charge because it has gotten wet

If your VIVO X60S has gotten wet the first thing to do is to let it dry completely, to avoid damage as much as possible. First of all, we recommend you to read this post about what to do in case your VIVO X60S gets wet.

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If your VIVO X60S stops charging after getting wet, it may be because the charging port is not completely dry. To fix this, you should make sure to dry it properly. You can try wiping the charging port with an alcohol swab. The alcohol evaporates quickly and takes the water with it, so this can be a very good solution to this problem.

If you are sure that your device is completely dry, the problem may be that an internal component was damaged when it got wet. In that case we recommend that you go to an expert who can fix the problem as soon as possible. If you wait and rust appears, there will be nothing to do.

In the case that your VIVO X60S got wet and days later is when it stops charging, the problem is the same. Surely there was a drop of water left inside that has caused damage to the VIVO X60S. So, again, we recommend that you go to a professional as soon as possible.

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