What are the types of security?What is the main and important type of security? (2023)

Computer security includes providing security for various parts that are related to a computer, including hardware, software, network, electronic data, etc., all of which must be protected by strategies, so as not to harm any of the sectors and also not to be attacked by hackers, there are different types of computer security, all of which have the same purpose and do their best to ensure that the site has no security holes and hackers cannot penetrate the site and abuse the important information that may be on that site, site security and hacking are among the topics that are always considered by users, and a large number of keywords related to these topics are often entered by users in the search section of search engine to be able to get the answer to their questions about this field, but again there are still some questions which are created in the user's mind after reading each article, so if you still feel the need to know more about site safety, hacking, etc., after reading this article, make sure that you will get the desired answers by visiting our website www.dotnek.com which contains more articles about these topics.

In this article, we try to mention different types of computer security and security testing in general so that you can get acquainted with each one separately and easier identify security gaps your IT environment.

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Types of computer security:

1- Application safety:

Application security includes all the measures that find the security holes in the programs and try to fill them and increase the safety of the programs as much as possible; of course, most of these measures are done during the development of programs, or you can create tools to protect applications, many tools can help you establish application security and achieve your goal.

It is always possible to make small or big mistakes while developing or running programs; the most important thing is to solve all the problems as soon as possible through the available tools so that you can protect your website from hackers and don't let them use this situation to achieve their desired result.

Application safety tools:

This type of security has many tools; two of the most important are security testing tools and application shielding products, which we will discuss in the following.

safety testing tools include:

- Static testing:

It allows developers to analyze code correctly and in the right places while developing applications so that a mistake does not cause security problems for the site in the future.

- Dynamic testing:

In this section, the code is analyzed during execution, and it is possible to examine the attacks that may occur in a more complex way.

- Interactive testing:

This is a combination of the previous ones.

- Mobile testing:

Mobile phones are very important these days and are mostly used more than any other device. The security of all the apps in it is important to users, which allows you to check how apps on your mobile phone are being hacked; if you have mastered all these things, you can check the safety step by step and protect your information from hackers.

Now it is time to take a look at application shielding products and get familiar with them:

Application shielding products include the following categories:


Runtime application self-protection is very important, and many programs use this tool; one of the features that this tool provides for the program is that if a problem occurs, the program will be disabled automatically.

- Code obfuscation:

Protecting code against hacker attacks is essential, which is possible through code obfuscation.

- Threat detection tools:

These tools examine all possible threats, and through these tools, you are able to create higher safety.

2- Information safety:

IS stands for information safety which is a type of computer security that protects personal and confidential information, and all efforts in this type of security are to keep personal information from being accessed by hackers; information security is based on three basic principles, which are confidentiality, integrity, and availability, and there must be at least one of them in order to establish information security, here we are going to explain these factors briefly.


This principle of information security means that personal information should be kept secret from others and should not be shared with anyone in any way.


This principle implies that all the information contained in the computer must be integrated, and great you must pay more attention to updating each piece of data.


Availability means that all needed information should be available and used easily and quickly.

Another important issue in the field of information security, which you need to be familiar with, is nonrepudiation, which means that a person who sends a message cannot deny sending it. Vice versa, the person who receives the message cannot repudiate it and pretend that the message was not sent to him/her, which leads to security.

3- Network security:

One of the most important types of computer security is network security, which means that all efforts are made in this field to create conditions in which all information is stored; as a result, hackers cannot use the information illegally.

Different types of network security:

- Physical Network Security:

In this type of network security, as its name implies, all the necessary facilities are provided to protect the information, which may include alarms, locks, safe rooms to place computers containing important information, etc., all of which is done so that hackers cannot access the information.

- Technical Network Security:

In this type of security, the data that exists in the computer and also the one that is being transferred, in other words, all available information, is protected.

- Administrative Network Security:

All users who have access to computers should be monitored, and their access to information should be checked regularly so that malicious activities do not cause serious problems.

In general, network security is essential, and to do it properly, steps must be taken, some of which we will mention in the following section.

Different ways to create network security:

- Antivirus and antimalware software:

These pieces of software are so important in establishing network security and the best type of them, check the new information right after entering, and also check them continuously to prevent viruses, worms, ransomware, etc., and let you know whether they exist or not, so they cannot damage your computer.

- NAC:

If you allow access to all parts of the network to many people, you won't be able to ensure the confidentiality of your information, and network security may be in danger, so people should have limited access to the entire network, and you should only allow specific people to access all the information.

- Firewall Protection:

Network traffic control is of great importance. Firewall protection monitors network traffic that is a kind of threat to network security; it identifies software that intends to enter and disrupt your network via the Internet and block its access to the network.

- Email Security:

This allows access to emails to be monitored and controlled.

- Mobile Device Security:

Nowadays, mobile phones are so popular and important for users, and they do not want to face problems such as being infected by viruses, etc., in their mobile phones. Hence, it is necessary to have enough control over this field so that if problems occur, you can solve them and do not make your information available to hackers.

There are several ways to get rid of viruses that infect mobile phones; for example, you shouldn't Browse unsecured websites TIPS, you should use the right password, try to update programs regularly, etc.; all of these ways can prevent the virus from entering your mobile phone and infecting it.

4- Endpoint safety:

A device may be remotely connected to your network, making it difficult to maintain security, as it will increase the possibility of hacking, viruses, etc. thus; if you need to connect with different devices to the network, take this type of security seriously.

5- Internet security:

Internet security covers a wide range of measures that are taken to protect computer systems connected to the Internet, as well as the security of the browser.

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Last word:

In general, computer security is of great importance, and it is like a branching tree, all of which is to provide security for your computer; in this article, we have briefly described the types of computer security so that you can use this information to keep your data secure.

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